A Perfect Day - Looking forward to yours!
Welcome to the beginning of YOUR perfect day!
Thank you for considering A Perfect Day.  Choosing the service of a professional planner will completely change the outcome of your wedding day.  Why?
  • The vendors you select through my guidance are reliable and competant; having been through a rigorous screening process.  There will be no "cross your fingers and hope for the best". 
  • I will review each contract and recommend modifications to ensure your protection.
  • Assisted budget planning and a guarantee you will get the most elegant wedding possible for your budget.
  • No detail will be missed, follow-ups will be made and a smooth wedding day will ensue. 
  • Time Line - What's first?  What's next?  Who?  When?  Where?  No worries, I will guide you.
  • Etiquette question?  I have the answer!
  • Coordination advice - color, flowers, decor, invitations, you name it!
  • Time is priceless.  My service provides the bride time to actually enjoy and savor this short-lived euphoria.  Bye-bye stress!
Thank you again for your consideration, please also visit the About Us page for valuable information (click on "About Us" at the left side of this page). 
Best wedding wishes,
Rebecca B.
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